NASA takes advantage of Blockchain technology


Beyond Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto currencies, the Blockchain technology is more and more extended all over the world. Being used by companies, organizations and governments to make their processes more efficient and secure. So know that an organization as prestigious as NASA takes advantage of the Blockchain technology for their equipment. It is the proof of the value of the block chains all over the world.

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Blockchain technology outside the crypto world
The Blockchain technology is much older than Bitcoin and crypto currencies. However, until the birth of BTC eleven years ago, blockchains were not widely known as they are today. On the contrary, for those who experimented with this technology, the Blockchain was little more than a curiosity.

This changed thanks to Bitcoin, because as cryptomoney became more and more famous worldwide. So did the technology that allows it to work. Leading to governments and large companies becoming interested in it. With the objective of creating their own virtual currencies, or simply to take advantage of the chains of blocks in their organizational processes.

Thanks to this we see large companies like Wells Fargo, or governments like the Chinese launching their virtual currencies outside the crypto world. As military and civil society organizations also begin to implement the chains of blocks for the transfer of information. This being the case of NASA, the US space agency that will begin to use Blockchain technology.

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NASA will take advantage of the block chains
Thus, according to a document from the space agency, NASA would be working with the companies Orbit Logic and Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering. For the creation of a system based on Blockchain technology known as SCRAMBL, which would increase the efficiency of communication between satellites.

The value of the contract for the creation of this Etoro mechanism would be $124,800, and it is expected to be completed within 4 months. Beginning work to facilitate communication for NASA’s fleet of quadricopters. Allowing it to move in unison more easily and safely, even in hostile environments such as those presented by other planets.

In this way, thanks to the use of SCRAMBL, even if the NASA quadricopter fleet were to lose any of its devices at some point. The rest of the unmanned vehicles could easily adapt and continue flying, despite the loss of one of their companions.

With this project, NASA would be demonstrating the importance that Blockchain technology can have, for the development of efficient solutions for problems such as space communication. Thanks to the versatility of the blockchains, which allows them to adapt to different objectives and industries.